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Fisher Executive offers certified training for the California Security Professional.

Certified BSIS classes are available for both Initial Guard Training (Powers to Arrest) and Exposed Firearms training, or for those professionals already certified and need to re-qualify on the shooting range, or re-certify for employment.Civilian Weapons Training

Certified BSIS Elective Courses are also available for officers hired since July 2004, who must complete a 40 hour program within the first 6 months of employment as prescribed in the California Business & Professions Code. These courses are mandatory and certificates are issued for each course. These course are typically taught in 4 and 8 hour blocks and offered 1-2 times a month depending on student demand. Spray and Baton courses will be available at our facility in the near future.

Special rates are available for groups of five or more and Active Duty Sworn Peace Officers with ID who are seeking off-duty secondary employment.

For registration and appointments, please contact our Training Manager, Antoine Fisher. Our training calendar for upcoming courses is currently displayed in out retail area. Thank you.

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